Just doing their job


I read the news. I watch it on television.

Yet aside from a few brief sentences, we have barely heard about the devastating floods in Pakistan. And even less is said about the thousands of U.S. military members who rushed to the scene and began providing relief to some of the 20 million – that’s right – 20 million people affected. 1500 of them have died.

Look what they are doing (from a DOD news release):

“…about 150 sailors, Marines and airmen are flying 15 helicopters and three C-130s in the country to deliver vital supplies.

“U.S. aircraft have rescued more than 5,500 people and delivered more than 500,000 pounds of relief supplies. In the last 24 hours, 441,000 packaged meals that conform with Islamic law have been delivered to civilians, [Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman] said this morning. “That in itself is [worth]about $3.7 million,” he added.

“Many areas in the northwestern part of the nation have been cut off. The United States is providing 12 temporary bridges to help Pakistan connect with these isolated areas.

“The United States has also delivered 1,870 rolls of plastic sheeting – enough to construct shelter for about 110,000 people, Whitman said. American servicemembers have delivered 14,000 blankets, 18 rescue boats, six water filtration units and 10 water storage bladders. They also delivered 2,500-kilowatt generators.

Whitman said many U.S. servicemembers are contributing to the relief effort outside of Pakistan. The crew of the USS Peleliu – off the coast of Pakistan – is providing helicopter maintenance support. Ground crews in Afghanistan are working to trans-ship the meals and other supplies. U.S. Transportation Command planners at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., are working with officials at U.S. Central Command, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to prioritize the supply missions.”

If that ain’t newsworthy, I don’t know what is.

The U.S. military. Just doing its job.


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