The New Physical Readiness Test


I read in Navy Times that the Navy is considering changing the Physical Readiness Test. In the article, “How would you change the PRT?” we are asked how we would modify the test to make it more appropriate to today’s Sailors.

I have made helpful suggestions in the past to help the Navy determine more appropriate tests, to no avail. For example, I made a thoughtful recommendation specifically designed for the Supply Corps:

One suggestion was to make the Navy’s test more realistic, similar to the approach used by the Marine Corps.

Here’s what the Marines do:


The Marine Corps test needs to be modified, of course, to make it more relevant to shipboard life.

1. Instead of running 880 yards, turn it into a sprint. Announce “Liberty Call” and have the Sailors run across the brow.

2. Instead of huffing two ammo cans, run with an arm full of gedunk from the Ship’s Store.

3. Instead of running through a weave of cones, have Sailors run on a tile floor without slipping on random areas of wet wax.

4. Dragging and carrying a buddy would be pretty much the same, but the buddy should smell like alcohol.

5. The dummy grenade toss should be replaced by a Monkey fist toss. Extra points for hitting a high-ranking officer.

As usual, the Navy will probably ignore these ideas. Sure, it wouldn’t show how fit the Sailors are, nor would it serve as an indicator of success at sea.

But it sure would be fun to watch.


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