An open letter to the Supply Corps


I was wrong.

Maybe hasty. I was hasty.

I may have been just a teensie, weensie harsh in the way I have treated you over the years.

It’s just that you are such an easy target. Virtually everything we use – heck, everything we touch – goes through you. So it’s only natural that if something doesn’t work, or breaks, or gets used for the wrong reason, we can always blame you.

But over the last couple of years I have been hosted by the Supply Corps for a couple of major events – one a celebration of the Supply Corps birthday (in Hawaii), and not long ago by the Navy Supply Reserve Community for a workshop. I hate to admit it, but they treated me really, really well.

And they didn’t have to. I mean, I drew this for cryin’ out loud:

Not the sort of thing that inspires graciousness. But they were the perfect hosts.

To make things even more awkward, in a room of around 800 reservists, almost every single one of them had deployed to a war zone since 9/11. That kind of thing sort of flies in the face of the stereotypical supply clerk whose entire vocabulary consists of the word “no.”

So, I’m sorry, Supply Corps. I’ll be the first to say you impressed the heck out of me. And thanks for the great hospitality.

I swear I’ll change.

Just as soon as I finish inking the next cartoon. Right after that.


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  1. To paraphrase what the kid said to “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, “Say it ain’t so, Jeff!”

    Looks like someone has hacked into Bacon’s account and left these comments. At first blush, you’d think it was a Supply Corps type, but then you remember they’d have to know how to use a computer. Quite a mystery, I’d say!


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