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Two years ago, Dakota Meyers saved 36 lives, thirteen of them fellow Marines. He recovered the bodies of four other Americans. He did this under fire, without permission…and it took him five trips under fire to accomplish the task. Two excellent accounts of his heroism – and his humble deflection of praise – can be read at DOD Live and at

I believe that Dakota’s story shows why Americans are different. He knew what must be done, what was the right thing to do. He knew that there would be consequences to his actions, and he took action anyhow. He showed initiative and courage. He committed his own safety to protecting his buddies. In the end he saved a lot of lives and lost some dear friends. But he did what he had to do.

In the video he denies being a hero. “Do you call any other Marine or Soldier or anyone who’s serving the country a hero? (Interviewer’s answer: A lot of people do.) “Then you can call me a hero. But if you’re not going to call them a hero for the same reason you’re calling me a hero, then don’t do it.”

Dakota Meyer, you’re a hero.


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