Household FITREPS


1. Name: Bacon, Jeffrey L.

13. Occasion for Report: Special

22. Reporting senior: Mrs. Bacon

28. Spouse Employment: Cartoonist

29. Primary Duties: Husband

Performance Traits

33. Household Expertise: 2.0
(Progressing – lacks basic tool knowledge to perform effectively)

34. Command Climate: 1.0
(Uninvolved with professional development of subordinates (daughter))

35. Military Bearing: 2.0
(Progressing – consistently unsatisfactory appearance)

36. Teamwork: 2.0
(Does not take direction well)

37. Initiative: Not observed

38. Leadership: Not observed

39. Household Performance: 1.0
(Has difficulty attaining household qualifications as expected of someone his age)

40. Recommendation for next milestone: Any progress at all would be considered a major milestone.


Sub-par performer, especially during football season. Shows hint of initiative in the few weeks before baseball season begins.

In the seven years since retirement, still has not picked up the basic skills of sweeping, cleaning dishes, and garbage removal. Power tools baffle him. Apparently enjoys the look of tall grass.

Favorite retort to requests for periodic maintenance is, “Put it on the list.” Cannot find maintenance shed without directions.

Despite efforts at teaching the basics of hygiene, continues to insist that dirty shirts are “clean enough”, or that, “no one will notice.” There is substantial doubt that he still meets Navy standards for body fat composition.

On the plus side, has a pleasant demeanor. Unfortunately, demeanor changes dramatically when confronted with anything resembling work.

Recommendation: Significant Problems

Member Trait Average: 1.6

44. I have seen this report, been apprised of my performance, and understand my right to make a statement.

Statement: Regarding tools, if a remote control device is considered a power tool, I am pretty good working one of those.


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  1. Sounds like you have a LOT of work to do to get qualified in your duties. Hopefully COMHOUSE will be lenient. Of course you couls always get her a rating badge with the crossed broom and swab, maybe that will placte the situation

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