Department of Redundancy Department


I saw a guy wearing a tee-shirt the other day. Printed on it was, “Department of Redundancy Department.”

That got me to thinking. What other organizations need tee-shirts?

How about…

Assistant secretary to the undersecretary to the Vice Commander of manpower efficiency.

Office of Paperwork Reduction (fill out in triplicate)

Department of Corretcions

Eternal Revenue Service: We Never Go Away

Quadragon (It’s Been A Tough Budget Year)

Navy Medicine: The Original Special Operations Command

Supply Corps: When you care enough to spend the very least

Navy Weather: Always Right, Half The Time

Got some good ones? Post them here or on the Broadside Facebook page.

For now, I’ll be wearing this on my shirt:

Cartoonist – The Best Job In The World
(once you get past the whole “make a living” thing)



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  1. Didn’t see this one on FB yet. Anyway, I was once the Assistant DCA, or the “Assistant Damage Control Assistant”

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