In harm’s way


Four people have been killed at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya. American Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a fellow diplomat, and two security personnel (reported today as former Navy SEALs) were killed in the violence. We forget sometimes that thousands of Americans are representing our nation in countries around the world, stable or not, and many live and work in harm’s way every day.

The death of Ambassador Stevens, a direct representative of the President of the United States, is offensive at so many levels and in so many ways. In Libya, his death is akin to an assassination. Likewise, the death of the three others is a tragedy.

Now, warships and Marines are on the way to the region. Tensions are sky high.

I do not have all the facts, nor pretend to know how this will all end. But I do know that lost in the the frenzy of the news cycle is the fact that four families are grieving tonight for their loved ones who died serving their country.

They are no less heroes than those who wear the uniform.

Note: Several facts have been updated to reflect the latest reports.


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