The Day After Christmas


It’s the day after Christmas and the house is a mess.
Where are my car keys? It’s anyone’s guess.
Our presents are open, the gifting is done,
The stockings are empty, the candy’s all gone.

We ate like we hadn’t seen food in two weeks,
And slammed down dessert like our stomachs had leaks.
The good gifts all broke almost out of the box,
(The ones we don’t want are as sturdy as rocks.)

I’m still in my PJs, so maybe it’s time,
To get in the shower and wash off the grime.
The work day awaits and I have to get ready,
To tackle my job with a mind clear and steady.

The joy of the season is nearly at end,
The 8-to-5 grind is just ’round the bend.
Before I give up, though, on spreading the cheer,
There’s still one more chance…

Have a Happy New Year!


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