The new class of Wyakin Warriors


Each year, deserving veterans with severe wounds, injuries and illnesses are accepted into the Wyakin Warrior program – one of the most comprehensive educational and preparatory organizations of its kind in the country. They are selected based on their motivation, character, need (those with the biggest personal hills to climb), and potential to succeed.

The first class of Wyakin Warriors – five of them – began in August of 2011.
The second class – six total – started last year, doubling the size of the student body.
The 2013 class – fourteen – will more than double the size again.

One warrior has graduated and has begun his career. Retention in school and the program remains at 100%, a figure far surpassing the national average; not only for severely wounded and injured veterans, but for all veterans. That success is attributed to the efforts of a small, dedicated staff and about 200 volunteers who wrap themselves around the student veterans.

The new Warriors have been through hell and back, but all of them made the decision to lace up the boots and move on. Their road ahead is not a straight one. They will all face personal and physical challenges as they pursue their dreams.

But as Wyakin Warriors, they won’t be traveling alone. They are our heroes of the week.

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