Happy Hollerin’ Day!



For 90.9 percent of my life I was not a father. So when Father’s Day rolled around each year my only obligation was to thank/apologize to my dad for everything he did/I did and that was that.

By not focusing on Father’s Day (which falls on the third Sunday of June), I was free to discover other big events like National Hollerin’ Day. NHD is celebrated on the third Saturday of June in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina (pop. 50).

They even have a website, complete with a bonus section on the Lost Art of Hollerin’.

I am sure the winners each year are accomplished hollerers, but the real professionals are in the military.


It takes years for Navy and Marine Corps leaders to refine the art of yelling, and by the time they are ready to retire there is no one – not in Spivey’s Corner, not anywhere – who can compete.


The Lost Art of Hollerin‘ lists the different types of hollers. There are Distress, Functional, Communicative and Expressive hollers.

I would add Military to the list. Because if you haven’t heard a Drill Instructor perform his or her craft, you haven’t heard a holler.

Happy Hollerin’ Day, and – oh yeah – Happy Father’s Day too!


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