I am not on vacation


I am supposed to be on vacation.

But today I participated in two conference calls, completed reimbursement claims that were due, and answered emails.

I think I need help.

My wife calls it a responsibility problem, but I call it all a remnant from my Surface Warfare days.


We just cannot seem to relax. When there is absolutely nothing going on, we get nervous because there SHOULD be something going on.

At a 4th of July parade, I noticed large gaps between the parade entries and immediately began to figure out how to fix it. As I was pondering the cause of the trouble, I heard a friend mention the gaps and began to discuss ways to eliminate them.

He used to be a Surface Warfare Officer too.

It isn’t just the ship drivers, by the way. When an Army buddy came to visit and we took him to the River to float on tubes, he brought his phone and actually checked emails WHILE HE WAS ON THE WATER.


So maybe it is just the sign of the times. We live in a connected world and are accessible 24 hours a day, every day. There is no way to escape the continuous flow of communications.

Except maybe one.



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  1. mikeferguson on

    Oh, I LOVE it, Jeff. Carolyn would tell you that’s still me … and I’ve been retired a lot longer than you have. However, we were just on the Oregon coast for a family reunion, and, while I had my cell phone, I didn’t use it. (Still don’t know how to take pictures with it!)

    Bravo! (or is it Bravo Zulu?)


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