Nice guys finish last


This story has been spreading around the cable networks and social media, and for good reason. On July 27, a Marine running the Drenth Memorial Footrace in Charlevoix, Michigan passed a young boy who was having a tough go of it. The young runner, who had become separated from his group, asked LCpl Myles Kerr, “Sir, will you run with me?”

And he did.

(See SEAL of Honor to fully appreciate the response)

Myles finished last in his age group (the young boy finished seventh in his), but they both won the hearts of people everywhere.

(Reportedly, the boy’s parents gave LCpl Kerr a gift certificate for dinner to show their appreciation.)

(Here is the news report that originally aired the story.)

Thanks to Michael for sending this to me. He also said, “Through it all, the daily glut of negativism and bad news, there eventually comes a story that spreads sunshine and smiles! There are many great things happening that often go unseen and unnoticed. This is not one of them. Hurrah and hooyah!”


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