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Over the last few years the USO has been engaged in an ambitious project to support wounded, ill and injured veterans. The goal is to have a USO presence wherever hurt Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Coastguardsmen or Marines are located – to include post-active duty transition into their communities back home. Their motto: From the battlefield to the community.

The USO is there on the front lines. “USO in a box” packages are being sent to the troops who are on the frontier.

It is there in the military hospitals in Afghanistan.

There is a USO center at Ramstein Air Force Base (called the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (CASF)), and a USO Warrior Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

The USO has a presence at every major military hospital that treats the wounded, including San Diego, San Antonio, and (of course) Washington, D.C.

Two major USO Warrior Centers are being completed in D.C. right now – the result of a $100m effort that began some four years ago. One is located at Fort Belvoir; the other at Walter Reed. Here are two videos that describe the magnificent facilities:

Fort Belvoir

Walter Reed

The USO presence continues, even after the troops transition. The organization with which I am associated, the Wyakin Warrior Foundation, along with a small number of select organizations around the country, has partnered with the USO and provides educational, professional development, and transitional support to wounded veterans as they build the skills to become contributing members in their communities.

When someone mentions the USO, a good feeling inevitably follows. It is because the people in the USO – and lest it be forgotten, they are the core of the organization – continue to focus on what is important: caring for the men and women in uniform. Until they all come home. The USO.

[I encourage you to donate to this great organization. I sure do. You can support the USO by clicking here.]


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