The fly



If you remember the movie, “The Fly“, you will understand what I am about to say, because I am not the man I used to be. I have changed. I have morphed into a sweater wearing, benevolent uncle-type character.

I write this as I sit in a quiet hotel room in Las Vegas. Outside, the city is coming alive. The lights are flashing and the street stereo is blaring. It is like Rosarito Beach, except a burrito costs twelve bucks.

Back in my younger days, I might have been drawn to the lights like a bug to a zapper, but now they only keep me from sleeping. The music, designed to excite and entertain, only annoys me. I don’t gamble any more, so the casino has no attraction. I am changing, and the metamorphosis is nearly complete.

In the movie, Jeff Goldblum’s character changes from a human into a monster.

I think I am turning normal.

I am the fly, only in reverse.


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