Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes


(Poster by the incredibly talented Paul Combs)

My beloved town is about to be invaded by a herd of cartoonists, and I fear it is not ready for them. They are coming to support the Wyakin Warrior Foundation’s Guardian Ball on November 23rd, but I know these guys. They don’t do “black tie” like everyone else.

They wear tennis shoes. They wear neon ties. They drink up all the beer.

cartoonists GB 2012
Scene from last year

But it’s worth the price of admission to see them in action. If you want to meet legends of the cartooning world, you ought to come to Boise and join us (www.guardianball.org). Each is offering either original artwork, a custom caricature, or having your name placed in a published cartoon. Proceeds go to supporting severely wounded and injured veterans pursuing degrees and careers.

Coming to Boise (in alphabetical order):

Bill Amend (Fox Trot)
Jeff Bacon (Broadside/Greenside)
Todd Clark (Lola)
Paul Combs (Drawn By Fire)
Marcus Hamilton (Dennis the Menace)
Jeff Keane (The Family Circus)
Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues)
Mason Mastroianni (B.C.)
Glenn McCoy (The Flying McCoys)
Steve Moore (In the Bleachers)
Jeff Myers (The Simpsons)
Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine)

The Wyakin Warriors will be there too, all dressed up spiffy in their tuxedos.

Only they don’t wear tennis shoes.

Keane Art 4 WWF ball397
The Family Circus by Jeff Keane


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