The Reubens


(Yep, that’s Weird Al Yankovic in the poster)

It is a new year and another great, brave city has risked it all to host a few hundred people who make a living drawing people with big noses for its annual awards ceremony, known as the Reuben Awards.

It is like the Oscars, if actors wore goofy shoes and acted like 9 year olds.

Oh, wait. They do? Then the Reubens are exactly like the Oscars, but without cosmetic surgery. And there is no press coverage. Or interest.

At all.

Which is probably good, because that allows everyone to have a good time. The competition is tough, but the winners are invariably gracious and it is always fun to watch someone who spends 360 days a year locked in a room all alone try to speak on stage to a large group of people in fancy tuxedos.

I’ll be there, hoping that through a legal loophole the three candidates who were nominated in my category are found to be ineligible and thereby give the rest of us a chance.

Not really.

OK, really.

No, I’m kidding. I celebrate their accomplishments and am happy for them.

It will be a great weekend, culminating with a visit to the wounded troops at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, followed by a few hours drawing for military families at the USS MIDWAY museum (all on Sunday).

Good luck to all the nominees!

And, uh, just in case a fourth runner up is needed, I’ll be around.


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