Hurricane Seat


If you have ever flown in a Blackhawk helicopter, you have probably heard of the hurricane seat – the one place where the wind and rotor rotation combine to create a near constant wind tunnel effect on the poor sap sitting there. Here are a few shots of MAD Magazine legend Sam Viviano in the hurricane seat during a recent USO trip to SW Asia. Luckily, I was sitting across from him and was able to snap a few photos.

Here is Sam, ready to go. Winds are moderate, barely storm force. He looks confident and strong.


Category 1 – winds are increasing. He tries to maintain composure.


Category 2 – full blown hurricane now. He is showing signs of discomfort and concern.


Category 3 – he would be putting up sand bags and seeking shelter if he could, but sadly (for him, not for the rest of us), he couldn’t.



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