Nobody likes the whites; everyone likes the khakis


LTJG Weinberg: “Don’t forget to wear the whites. Very hot down there.”

LTJG Kaffee: “I don’t like the whites.”

LTJG Weinberg: “Nobody likes the whites…”
(Scene from A Few Good Men)

I hear you.

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Let’s be honest. Unless you look like a Hollywood star, whites don’t look that good on you. Cracker Jack’s? Sure. Chokers? You bet. But tropical whites? I don’t think so.

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They get dirty. The shoes scuff upon contact with any foreign object. They are good for one wearing before degenerating into a wrinkled mess.

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If you have any kind of paunch at all, whites accent it.

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Khakis, on the other hand, are great. You can catch a quick nap in them and no one will be the wiser (or so I have heard). They don’t show dirt. One of the two best decisions the Navy made in recent years was (1) Dress Khaki, and (2) the enlisted Service Uniforms. The common denominator? Khaki.

Whites require white underwear. Khakis don’t.

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I’m not saying the Uniform Board should get rid of them. I’m just saying that if one day someone decided to cut down on the sea bag requirements, I know which one I would vote off the island.

And it wouldn’t be khakis.

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