Problem solving


There are several ways to attack a problem, but generally people fall into two broad categories.

Those who try to fix it.
Those who try to avoid it.

Most military people fit into the Fix It category. They attack a challenge. They want the ball when the game is on the line.

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They don’t ask how, or why, or even what. They dive head first into chaos and grab it by its tail.

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That attitude is instilled in our collective psyche as soon as we put on the uniform.

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People who want to fix things are called “Go To” people. They often hear comments like, “Thank goodness you showed up”, and “Who was that masked man?”

They also hear, “Mind your own business”, and, “It’s your funeral.”

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A smaller group of us are the Avoiders. They either do not like to work, or do not like to get yelled at. Or both. They are happy to let others do the chores.

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Perhaps because the military demands perfection, people don’t like to point out things that are not.

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And to be honest, some of them are just avoiding work.

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Avoiders often hear comments like, “Where have you been?” and, “Enjoying the show?”

Or sometimes, “Good morning, sir.”

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