Football and Veterans


I had a the honor of speaking to a group of veterans today who are participating in the Veterans Court system. A few years ago, local judges and lawyers realized that veterans who served in war zones or under other adverse conditions can face unique challenges during their transitions. Consequently, they created a Veterans Court program that is equipped to handle legal cases that involve veteran-specific issues like Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress, and other similar conditions that mitigate or exacerbate certain violations.

Since Peyton Manning had just retired, I paraphrased his characterization of his own journey after undergoing neck surgery, physical therapy, and dealing with other injuries that haunted him throughout his last four years playing football. He said that you can be led by the challenges and obstacles that you face in life, or you can choose to be led by the dreams that you are chasing.

He chose the latter, and now the veterans in the room face decisions of their own.

Thanks to the Veterans Court system, though, they have a second chance to make the right choice.


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