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The photo is grainy, but the only important thing about it is that the Heavy Duty Aftermarket industry allowed us up on stage to talk about veterans.

Most people probably don’t even know what that is. I certainly didn’t about three years ago. What it is, is a 70 billion (with a ‘b’) industry that supports heavy duty equipment like trucks, bulldozers and buses. They are the ones who keep the trucks on the road so that you can eat cereal in the morning. Without it, the transportation industry would wither and die. With it, the country prospers.

They have made a concerted effort to encourage veterans into the industry. To that end, they invited the Wyakin Warrior program to make a presentation at the Heavy Duty America Truck Pride convention in San Antonio. It could not have been a warmer or more genuine welcome.

The industry is full of patriotic, hard-working professional who recognize a common bond with those who wear the cloth of the nation. If you are a veteran who is interested in a career that boasts great salaries and camaraderie, look into the heavy duty aftermarket.

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