It has been seventy-two years since over 150,000 men conducted an assault on the coastline of France against an entrenched and experienced German military. Known as Operation Overlord then, it has become known to today’s generations as D-Day.


Much has been written about the assault. The Americans suffered 9,000 casualties, with the worst conditions experienced by those on Omaha Beach – where some companies in the first wave suffered more than 50% casualties. Casualties were high among airborne forces from the 82nd and 101st as well.

It is humbling to hear the stories of those who were there on D-Day, because I honestly do not know if I would have had the courage to do what those men did that day.

Many of the D-Day veterans stayed silent about their ordeals for most of their lives; but later in life many began to tell their stories. Listen to some of them and you will feel humble too.

dday survivor

The youngest man participating in the D-Day invasion would be 89 years old today.


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