A leaguer of our own

Alex Dickerson

Alex Dickerson

There is a sensational story happening right now that only a handful of baseball fans are aware of – and it has a distinctive Navy connection.

That story goes by the name of Alex Dickerson, a slugger playing for the AAA El Paso Chihuahuas. Until last week he was in the midst of the longest active hitting streak in professional baseball, capping it at 29 games. A few days later after sitting out a couple of games, he went 4 for 5. His current batting average is .408, a staggering number.

He was called up to the San Diego Padres for a time this year, where he hit his first major league home run, which oh-by-the-way was a grand slam.

His offense since returning to El Paso has helped fuel the Chihuahuas to a first place standing in their division.

So what is so special about Alex Dickerson other than his baseball prowess? He is the son of a Naval Aviator named Ross “Bosco” Dickerson. This is Ross.


Not really. This is Ross.

dickerson f14

When he wasn’t deployed fighting bad guys, Ross would throw to his son every day to help him develop his swing. Because his dad flew out of Miramar so many years, Alex went to Poway High School and grew up a Padres fan, so being traded to the Padres organization was a dream come true.

Alex grew up in the Navy. It was the only way of life he knew. The Navy is as much a part of him as it is for those who served in uniform.

Now he is on the threshold of making it to the big leagues to stay. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe all of us with a Navy connection can rightfully embrace Alex Dickerson as one of our own. His accomplishments are ours, in the same way we cheer on a Navy veteran who succeeds in other professional sports – guys like Roger Staubach or David Robinson.

Now he is on the ballot for the AAA All Star team, selection to which can only enhance his chances of making it back to the major leagues for good. I would recommend voting for him – the league allows each voter to vote 25 times so if you care to vote, vote often (it goes real fast – I already did it).

To vote, click on this link.

Scroll down to outfielders and you will find Alex Dickerson’s name there.
Hit “VOTE”, then go to the Bottom and select “CONTINUE”.
Fill out the info and hit “SUBMIT”.
You can VOTE UP TO 25 TIMES by simply re-entering the code number.
Voting ends on June 24th.

What a great story. A great Navy story.



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