How to make a difference without spending a dime


Today is Charity Tuesday (sometimes called Giving Tuesday), the day nonprofit organizations target for end-of-year donations. I believe in supporting those who work to benefit others, so please give generously (my recommended nonprofit is the Wyakin Foundation that serves wounded and injured vets).

But another way to make a big difference is to click on this image and vote for Betty Mohlenbrock. I’ll tell you why in a minute. Once you get to the webpage, all you do is check the block next to her picture and you are done.

If she gets the highest number of votes, her charity will win $25,000 and it didn’t cost you a dime. (You can vote once a day until the end of the month, so vote often.)

About her: She is the founder of United Through Reading, a program that connects deployed troops with their families through children’s books. It has been a wildly successful program and I have seen it in action in combat zones. When UTR got on its feet, she moved on and founded a similar program for incarcerated parents and their children. (Check out this video and bring a tissue: Reading Legacies). She was recently selected as one of only ten women nationwide as a 2018 L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Honoree. I swear this woman is an angel.

Her husband, by the way, is a retired Navy Captain who donates hours of his spare time to providing medical treatment to needy families in remote locations.

So if you can donate, please give to a worthy charity. No matter what, though, go to Women of Worth and vote for Betty Mohlenbrock.

If she wins, so does everyone.

To make things easy for you, just click on the organizations below to donate, vote or both.

(Vote for Betty Mohlenbrock)


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